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Publication of the Annual General Meeting

G4 Grits Family

Do you know our family of G4 grits? Its main feature is its perfect size for the most common applications. Also, you can apply them individually or mix them, creating a variety of textures for your product.

SL Granulates Family

SL family is formed by the thinnest granulates available for dry and humid applications on ceramic pieces. Thanks to their small size and more than 40 references in colors and effects, we can achieve highly sophisticated and attractive coatings. Furthermore, if we combine SL granulates with our digital glue we can get unlimited possibilities to create effects on both flat pieces and any kind of relief.

Digital Inks

We would like to introduce our injection inks’ family. EsmaltesINK+ specializes in a wide chromatic range and allows us to achieve endless possibilities in tones and intensity for different inkjet systems. Thanks to these versatile pigments, our inks achieve unbelievable coatings on ceramic surfaces and develop an unparalleled design potential.

Lava Project

In Esmaltes we use various means of inspiration, and this time it has been the turn of nature. Lava stone has been perfect for using our ample family of SL granulates. Their total transparency and their ability to mix colors and effects make them ideal for the reproduction of this attractive piece. Creating a faithful replica of Lava stone accomplishes a chromatic composition identical to natural stone.

HF Granulates Family

Our High Fusibility granulates are the lastest incorporation into ML and SL granulates families. This variety gets the most decorative and esthetic coatings, generating intense and bright colors. These granulates are the best option to create spectacular designs and capture the best effects on any relief.


Esmaltes have novelties. We have developed a new range of specialized metalized luster products for the brick industry. The main advantage of these new glazes is the high degree of resistance to acids and adverse weather conditions, which, together with their level of transparency, respect and protect the originality of the piece. Finally, we highlight the strict compliance with environmental regulations to achieve these attractive finishes.

XL Granulates Famly

We would like to present our family of XL Granulates. Thanks to their big size and over 40 references, we can develop infinite combinations for wet application on ceramic surfaces. The proper mix and use of these granulates in the different ceramic technologies (porcelain, stoneware, and porous surface) to allow us to achieve textures with a high level of appeal and innovation. These products represent a breakthrough in the creation of new ceramic environments and are presented as an interesting […]

Special Lusters Family

Our laboratory experts have developed a new range of glazes whose main characteristic is the gloss. Thanks to them we can achieve polished, pearly and iridescent effects, but with a big difference: We can achieve these incredible effects with just one firing. Get the most elegant and attractive designs with our range of special glazes and give a special touch to all your pieces.

Tableware Family

Today we would like to introduce you to our family of tableware glazes. The adaptability of our products means that we have a great variety of inks, colours and shapes that allow us to add them in any technology. Moreover, with the appearance of great technological innovations, we adapt our glazes to the new digital printing.