Extraordinary General Meeting

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Rhin Project

THE SUPERMATT IS HERE! The Rhin project represents the application of our new supermate enamel on a set of porous single-fired reliefs. Take a look! Because the properties of this new family of glazes are present and demonstrated in this project that we present as a novelty in Cersaie. Without a doubt, it has become a safe bet! Are best appreciated in these reliefs the smooth surface and the total absence of light reflections. ➡️ The era of super matt […]

Pierre Blue Project

Elegance in one piece, the Pierre Blue project is developed on technical support of full body porcelain stoneware. Using our family of Ultra Fine Granillas (UF), with which we achieve faithful reproduction of this Belgian stone family. Both in their natural finish and lapped to obtain the elegant look of worn stone. We also present a decoration made digitally with the application of metallic granules from the ML family. Don’t you think it’s original?

Moon Project

Like the two faces of the moon! The Moon Project combines two spectacular effects within the same piece. On the one hand, we have the effect of our family of metallic enamels and, on the other hand, the digital application of our reactive granules (HF) where the design demands it, producing this attractive mix of effects. And if you still don’t think it’s spectacular, the Moon Project can be created in a wide variety of shades other than this deep […]

Pizarra Project

Another new project we presented, the Pizarra project! The project has been the challenge to bring to the technology of large format sheets our successful application of the Metallic Grit. This product is a composition of our G4 grits family and provides a metallic effect to ceramic surfaces. An effect suitable for many types of designs such as oxides, plates, and natural stones, like this green slate that we present in 120×360. ➡️ Don’t you think this new effect is […]

Tudor Project

The first project we present to you is TUDOR! One of the most interesting novelties presented by ESMALTES is this super-matt finish of the TUDOR Project in porcelain stoneware. This stone effect is achieved with a final application of a new family of glazes that provide a smooth texture without light reflections. Did you think you couldn’t achieve something like this?

Textil Cotton Project

Although it may look like it, this is not a moquette, but its finish is spectacular! In the COTTON TEXTILE PROJECT, we have managed to obtain the essence of textile in ceramic. With the right mix of our family of ML granules, we achieve the surface warmth and the heterogeneity of the textile material. We have a range of products to obtain the same coordinated effect in floor and wall tiles. Are you thinking of a textile design for ceramic […]

Alcala Project

AS NATURAL AS STONE! The G4 grits family is the most interesting ESMALTES option to make a natural stone design like the ALCALA PROJECT. These grits provide us with the technical characteristics we need: transparency and hardness. In addition, they allow us to obtain all the finishes of the original stone: natural, lapped gloss and lapped matt. Doesn’t this piece look authentic to you?

Petra Project

Do you want to move to Jordan? Our PETRA Project, of carved stone, is made by a family of granules SL mates of porous. We get a smooth matte surface evenly with them, regardless of the relief that the piece has, and all this with a simple final application of airless. If you need homogeneous surfaces like this, ask us for a test! 📲 

Terrazzo Project

Terrazzo has its origins in 15th century Venice, and at ESMALTES we are developing designs such as this TERRAZZO project. Made with a mixture of our G2 family of grits, we manage to imitate the quartz particles of the original material. Its transparency allows us to make any shade, from white to black, of this traditional material used worldwide since the Renaissance. ¡We can present it in natural and polished finishes! 📲 Contact us, we will show you more!