Management policy

The Managing Direction of ESMALTES SA, engaged in the manufacturing ceramic frits and glazes, defines its policy based on:

– Offering both high Quality products and services.
– Supporting delegations to expand and consolidate markets.
– Preventing the appearance of problems and avoiding the use of defective products.
– Promoting the development of special products with the highest added value.
– Preventing pollution and preserving as far as possible its impact on the environment.
– Safeguarding the health and safety of all its staff.

This will be the means to:

– Achieve customer satisfaction.
– Reach the goals.
– Contribute directly to the protection and preservation of the environment.
– Preventing the potential risk of its employees and its customers.

ESMALTES, S.A.’s management undertakes and supports all initiatives which lead to the achievement of these purposes involving all the needed resources to reach the mentioned goal.

The Managing Direction acquires the committed to comply with the requirements of the Management System, the legal requirements and any other applicable ones. It’s also committed to continuously improve the efficiency of the Quality Management System, Environmental System and Occupational Risks Prevention.