The granules are very varied glaze compositions compacted by atomization in rounded shape.We have a broad range of pellets with very different chemical composition, fusion range and granulometry. Within this range of products we have a wide variety in terms of granulometries and type of produced ceramic effects; especially those with a very fine granulometry (210-65 micron mesh size) that make up our tdry series and that they also can be applied both via dry and wet (airless, bell, roll, etc.). The main advantages of using these granulates regarding the granillas are:

– Absence of unmelted particles as it often happens with the granilla.

– Spherical geometric shape of granule versus the irregular shape of granilla, which leads to a better fluidity at the time of application either via dry or wet.

– Pellet’s mass colouring versus the granilla’s colouring using the outside covering.

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